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20th Century Design

1000 chairs
Chairs displayed on their own as pure form An overview of the 20th century More than any other piece of furniture, the chair has been subjected to the wildest dreams of the designers. The particular curve of a backrest, or the twist of a leg, the angle of a seat or the color of the entire artifact all reflect the stylistic consciousness of each era. From Gerrit Rietveld and Alvar Aalto to Verner Panton to Eva Zeisel, from Art Nouveau to International Style, from Pop Art to Postmodernism, the phenomenon of the chair is so complex that it requires a reference work as comprehensive as this to do it full justice. They are a...
101 Danish Design Icons
A definitive history of 20th-century Danish design through 101 classic objects Denmark has long loomed large in international design history. Today, Danish furniture, textiles, home appliances and utensils from the 1960s and '70s are more popular than ever, for sale at design galleries and a rarity at flea markets. This publication provides an extensive overview of those everyday objects that have to this day written design history both in Denmark and worldwide. Along with 32 leading scholars and journalists, the Head of the Library and Research at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen, Lars Dybdahl, explores the fasc...
20th Century British Glass by Charles R. Hajdamach
This is the most comprehensive book yet published on twentieth century British glass with hitherto unpublished catalogues, contemporary photographs and hundred of objects grouped to assist collectors with identification. The majority of the items, from private and public collections, are illustrated for the first time. The book covers everything from Art Nouveau and Art Deco masterpieces to the now much ignored Pyrex ovenware and everything in between from engraving, cameo glass and paperweights. The chapters focus on the effects of the two world wars, special features look at individual designers including Keith Murray...
20th Century Factory Glass
he only comprehensive reference book regarding internationally produced glassware for the home, "20th Century Factory Glass" is required reading for glass collectors and enthusiasts alike. Featuring every great designer, from Louis Comfort Tiffany to Alvar Aalto, as well as companies from Baccarat to Steuben, this volume provides clues to identifying marks, codes, and labels. Out of print hardback book with excellent dust wrapper.
20th Century Pattern Design: Textile and Wallpaper Pioneers
Pattern design has flourished throughout the 20th century. From the flamboyance of Art Nouveau at the end of the 19th century, to the computer-generated digital images created at the turn of the millennium, each new generation has evolved their own distinctive approach to pattern design. Tracing the creative cross-fertilization between fashion and interiors, the book provides a chronological account of the proliferation of pattern design. Highlighting the decisive trends that emerged in each decade, the book draws attention to the achievements of progressive manufacturers and ground-breaking designers, charting the emer...
20th Century Pewter . Art nouveau to Modernism
Pewter is a versatile alloy which has been used to make a wide variety of domestic objects since antiquity. Malleable and lustrous, it was commonly used for making tableware until the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when porcelain and glass became more popular. An inexpensive alternative to silver, it re-emerged as a popular material in the twentieth century, allowing for a new-found flexibility, and encouraging designers to experiment with form. From architectural finesse to the smallest everyday object, pewter was used globally, and was favoured as an inlay for decorative panels, furniture, vases and bowls. 20...
Alberto Pinto (original)
Published to celebrate the first twenty years of Pinto's interior design work, this is a now scarce and much sought after book from 1992 illustrates the glamorous interiors created this master of design and decoartion who sadly died in 2012, so these books will only become more and more collectable as time goes on. The book is in very good condition and is lavishly illustrated throughout with colour photographs. 295 pages - text is in French.
Andre Arbus: Architecte-Decorateur des Annees 40
This is the revised edition of 2003. This book covers the work of Andre Arbus, Architect, Interior Decorator and Furniture Designer. He was one of the handful of influential leading decorators and designers who revolutionized the way that furniture and room sets were designed in the middle of the 20th century. His handsome designs included the innovative use of rare woods within classic designs. Always highly sought after he work on the Elysee palace and a number of the great Ocean liners. 400 pages lavishly illustrated in both colour and black & white, text is in french.
Andre Groult: Decorateur-ensemblier du XXe siecle
Out of Print, Hardback book with cloth covers and dust jacket in very good condition. 279 pages lavishly illustrated with colour and black & white photographs and drawings. Groult had a prolific career and was one of the most sought after designer/decorators of the 20th century. The book is done chronologically so there is a natural progression showing his works and how his style developed .
Arbus, Alet, Fauré, Soutiras... : Décorateurs toulousains du XXe siècle
Paris: Editions de l'Amateur, 2007. Hardcover. Book Condition: Good. Dust Jacket Included. 192pp., colour illus. This volume explores the distinctive decorative styles which developed in Toulouse between 1890 and1970. It is lavishly illustrated with contemporary photographs and drawings. Lightly bumped at edges, otherwise in vg condition. Orig. boards in dustjacket.
Armand Albert Rateau. Un Baroque Chez les Modernes.
Cloth-bound hardback, dust jacket. 240 pages. Illustrated in colour and b&w throughout. French. Near fine; very slight wear to dust jacket, otherwise an excellent copy. The main monograph on the Art Deco designer Armand Albert Rateau. This in-depth study looks at his furniture, interior design work and architecture. An essential volume for dealers, collectors and enthusiasts. Out of print, with protective dustwrapper.
Art Deco by Norbert Wolf
The Art Deco style is so recognisable and widespread that its original influence on the culture in which it emerged has been all but lost in the clutter of imitation. This book draws our attention back to the birth of Art Deco - a period between two devastating world wars when industrialisation was flourishing, interest in archaeology was peaking, and movements such as Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism and Modernism were turning the art world on its head. Brilliantly designed to reflect the style it celebrates, Art Deco is filled with hundreds of examples of painting, architecture, interiors, jewellery, crafts, furniture...
Art Deco Ceramics in Britain
This book focuses on the art deco ceramics that were produced by the British pottery industry during the late twenties and early thirties. It covers all the important aspects of the popular style from its origins in France, its breakthrough in Britain and how the style took on during the early thirties. The background of art deco is examined and how it developed in France during the early part of the twentieth century: how European designers created new shapes and patterns and how these ideas eventually made their way into British design."Art Deco Ceramics in Britain" looks at the well-established factories such as Josi...
Art Deco Chicago: Designing Modern America
An expansive take on American Art Deco that explores Chicago's pivotal role in developing the architecture, graphic design, and product design that came to define middle-class style in the twentieth century Frank Lloyd Wright's lost Midway Gardens, the iconic Sunbeam Mixmaster, and Marshall Field's famed window displays: despite the differences in scale and medium, each belongs to the broad current of an Art Deco style that developed in Chicago in the first half of the twentieth century. This ambitious overview of the city's architectural, product, industrial, and graphic design between 1910 and 1950 offers a fresh pers...
Art Deco Complete: The Definitive Guide to the Decorative Arts of the 1920s and ...
Straddling two World Wars and the Great Depression, ushering in the Jazz Age and the era of the automobile and skyscraper, fomenting in the great cities of Europe and America and shaping everything from the Golden Gate Bridge to the humble desk lamp, the story of Art Deco is the story of our modern world. In this book, the most comprehensive account of the decorative arts of the Art Deco period ever assembled, Alastair Duncan celebrates the styles rich variety of form and its diverse international roots as the very factors that make it a perennial favourite of modern collectors and designers. Sumptuously illustrated and...
Art Deco Interiors by Patricia Bayer
By the time of the great Paris Exhibition of 1925, the idea that an interior and its furnishings should form a complete design -- a "total look" -- dominated the thinking of both designers and their sophisticated clients. In the later 1920s and 1930s, whole studios were established, notably in France and the United States, to serve the needs of a design- and style-conscious middle class-intent on showing off its newly refined taste for things modern and exotic: the richly lacquered screen, the tubular steel chair, the vivid geometric carpet.Art Deco Interiors documents this flourishing of design ingenuity in Europe and ...
Art Deco Style by Bevis Hillier
Characterized by geometric shapes, stylized natural forms and the use of luxuriuos materials Art Deco originated in France and spread quickly all over the globe during the 1930s. Interest in the style was revived in the 1960s, partly as a result of the work of Bevis Hillier who recalls his triumphs and mistakes in writing the first book on the subject and co-organizing the Minneapolis exhibition in 1971. Stephen Escritt's text deals with recent scholarship and changing attitudes towards Art Deco, by charting its various worldwide manifestations he demonstrates that the stle (although retrospectively labelled a movement)...
Art Deco: Les Maitres du Mobilier - Le Decor des Paquebots by Pierre Kjellberg
A beautiful book written by one of the experts the Art Deco period. The book with 280 pages having 308 color plates, 116 in black and white and text in French. A very useful encyclopedia with an A to Z reference of all the great designers and furniture makers of the period - the photographs show works by Adnet, Chareau, Dunand, Ruhlmann, Sue et Mare to name but a few. With a special section at the end devoted to the interior design and decoration of early 20th century cruise liners. French Text.
Art Deco: The Twentieth Century's Iconic Decorative Style from Paris, London, an...
Arnold Schwartzman's stunning photographs of the finest examples of Art Deco from all over the world are collected here as a celebration of one of the world's most popular decorative styles. Art deco is the 20th century's most glamorous architectural style, and the one that shaped popular ideas of modern luxury. With over 200 photographs, this is a visual celebration of this very popular style. Unlike most other books on the subject that tend to be regionally specific, this book highlights Art Deco buildings from all over the world, from Australia to South America, with an emphasis on London, Los Angeles, New York, Chic...
Bill Willis: Designing the Private World of Marrakech
A beautiful hardback book with 256 pages and lavish colour photographs throughout. Describes in words and pictures the work done by Bill Willis for the rich and famous in Morocco, perhaps most famously for Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berger, and why he became one of the most brilliant decorative builders and designers Morocco has ever known.
Charlotte Perriand: Complete Works. Volume 1:1903-1940
Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) is undoubtedly one of the most significant figures in 20th-century interior design. Vintage pieces of her furniture designs fetch millions in auctions. Together with Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret she created a number of classics, such as the chaise-longue LC4. From the 1930s, she sought not only to change design but to initiate social change; her main goal as a designer, was to develop affordable, functional, and appealing furniture for the masses. Perriand's life and work has been widely acknowledged, but thus far there has never been a comprehensive monograph covering all aspects of ...
Charlotte Perriand: Un Art D' Habiter by Jacques Barsac
512 pages - in French - over 700 color, duotone and b/w illustrations - a prize-winning maker of documentary films on art and history describes the life and art of pioneering Parisian interior designer Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) who worked with Le Corbusier , Jean Prouvé and others and who advised the Japanese on industrial design during the 1940's - Japan 1940-1941, reconstruction and a new beginning 1946-1952, the Jean Prouvé workshops 1953-1956, Steph Simon publishing 1956, street art 1957-1959, the Sahara and Borot houses and the last collaboration between Perriand and Le Corbusier in 1959 - notes, bio., bibli...
Danish Furniture Design in the 20th Century (2 volume set)
2 volume book-set with the complete history of Danish furniture design in the 20th Century written by Professor Arne Karlsen. The book covers the entire period, from the foundations laid by the "Klint School" in the 1920's, through the "golden age" in the middle of the century which established so many of the great Danish furniture designers, and the legacy they left behind. Volume 1, 230 pages. Volume 2, 334 pages.
Designed for Delight: Alternative Aspects of Twentieth-century Decorative Arts
By the early part of this century, the principles of Modernism in design-- simplicity of form, little or no ornament, truth to materials-- were established as avant-garde ideas, and functionalism soon became an overriding concern. However, looking back from our fin-de-siècle perspective, it is evident that the history of modern design is far more varied and complex. This lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed book demonstrates the surprising ways in which Modernist designers also took alternative routes to create art beyond function. From Art Nouveau and the Wiener Werkstätte to Pop and Post-modernism, Desig...
Disrupting Craft: Renwick Invitational 2018
Disrupting Craft presents the work of Tanya Aguiniga, Sharif Bey, Dustin Farnsworth, and Stephanie Styjuco, four artists who take innovative approaches to their selected mediums. They share a fascination with themes of identity, and the practise of their art as a means of engaging socially with communities in collective activity. The featured artists work in a remarkable variety of media including earthenware pottery, textiles and weaving, sculptural materials and woven plastic fabrics, and wood, metal and mixed media. Their visual sensibilities range from traditional African beaded culture, to digital media, the produc...
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