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Paint finishes and Effects

A tint Book of Historical Colours suitable for Decorative Work by Thos. Parsons ...
Thos Parsons and Sons Ltd 1954. Fifth edition., London, 1954. Bound in light green patterned cloth boards with title-labels laid down, with green endpapers. 74 pages containing 136 laid-in paint samples, protected with tissue guards. Parsons was established at the beginning of the 19th century and became a leading supplier of paints for both buildings and coaches. First published in 1934 this was the company's beautifully produced "swatch book" and contained 136 colour samples for paints that could be purchased from the firm. The colours are split into historical periods or styles, including Colours of Egypt, Oriental C...
Architectural Colour in British Interiors, 1615-1840
This study of architectural colour in British interiors between 1615 and 1840 uses information from documentary sources and data obtained from technical investigation of work by architects of the period. It considers the move from the drabness of the 1600s to the exotic colours of the early 1800s. Excellent condition in slipcase.
Art & Techniques de la grotesque
This book does not disappoint, this is not an academic study this book is the real nuts and bolts of the art form, weather you are an experienced painter of a raw beginner this book will get you started in the style of the grotesque. The gallery section allows you to copy and integrate various forms and images to form your own design. Text French and English.
Art & Techniques de la peinture décorative : Edition bilingue français-anglais
Lovely quality. The photographs and illustrations are excellent. Very interesting to pick up tips on decorative painting techniques and the use of different tools and equipment
Basoli Antonio: Decori e Arredi 1794-1809
Text in Italian. Stunning watercolour sketches throughout of decorative trompe l'oeil wall panels, ceilings etc., a truly inspirational book for anyone interested in trompe l'oeil optical illusions. Out of Print, rare book. Paperback. Mint condition
Color Recipes for Painted Furniture and More
Annie Sloan is a paint legend and one of the world's most popular experts in the field of decorative painting. In Colour Recipes for Painted Furniture and more, Annie presents 40 new projects and ideas, showing you the easy way to update tired furniture and transform your home. Working with her own range of chalk paints, Annie shows how to mix colours and how to achieve certain looks. Whether your taste is for colourful boho chic or restrained Swedish hues, cosy and comforting rustic shades, a modern and contemporary approach or an elegant French look, here you will find a project to suit you. Start off by maste...
Colour in Decoration by Annie Sloan & Kate Gwynn
Promoting an understanding of colour principles and describing how colours work, this is a sourcebook of practical advice and positive ideas for creating floor-to-ceiling decorative success. With an introduction on the history and use of pigments, colour "portraits" demonstrate how colour is used to manipulate space, create mood, add light and dark to every room. With additional sections on colour in focus, and in combination, this is a comprehensive book on how to use colour effectively. Annie Sloan is the author of "Simple Painted Furniture", and co-author (with Kate Gwynn) of "The Complete Book of Decorative Paint Te...
Conran on Colour
Subtle and allusive, bold and invigorating, colour is one of the single most powerful elements in design and decoration. Even its absence makes its presence felt. The choice of colours on offer to the home decorator is dazzling and potentially baffling - from coloured saucepans and kitchen appliances to paint and tiles - and colour, like never before, is affordable and accessible. Yet handling colour effectively does take both confidence and a degree of expertise. In Conran on Colour Terence Conran shares a lifetime of experience as one of the world's leading designers, retailers and restaurateurs to explain how to ...
Decorative Designs by Graham Rust
A practical and inspirational treasure house or original ideas for decorated and decorative objects, ranging from exquisite miniature boxes to elegant garden seats.
Decxorative floors in Venice
The iridescent mosaics and intricate tiles that decorate the floors of Venice -- in palaces, churches and courtyards -- are as much a part of the fluidity and magic of the place as the lapping waters of the canals. This hardback book is now sadly out of print. We have one copy left. Mint condition with dustwrapper.
Demeures Peintes : Painted Homes
This stunning book contains 296 pages, with numerous illustrations. The text is in French and English. This book illustrates the use of mural decoration used in hotels, townhouses, from entrances, the dining room, large living room, libraries, bedrooms to the use within a castle !! Inspirational illustrations throughout by a well known remarkably talented gentleman, Pascal Amblard.
Giacomo Raffaelli (1753-1836). Maestro di stile e di mosaico
It is a monographic work dedicated to a Roman mosaicist: Giacomo Raffaelli, heir to a family tradition in the production of vitree pastes dating back to the middle of the 17th century. In the last three decades of the 18th century his studio in San Sebastianello, corner of Piazza di Spagna in Rome, became a must-visit destination for the sophisticated tourists from the Alps and for the European nobility who did not fail to buy plaques, tables or jewels designed by the school of the Roman minute mosaic. His fame won him prestigious awards and in 1804, on behalf of the Napoleonic government, he founded a mosaic school in ...
Joseph Dufour : Génie des papiers peints
Trained at the Lyon School of Design, Joseph Dufour began his career in a wallpaper factory in Lyon. Very talented and ambitious, he settled in Mâcon in 1797 and imagines polychrome decors able to compete with the tapestries. The success of his first panoramic "The Savages of the Pacific Sea" exposed in Paris in 1806 makes him the most revolutionary creator in the art of decoration under the Empire. French text, but mostly a very visual book.
Les Papiers Peints en Arabesques de la fin du XVIIIe sicle
This is an important catalogue of the Musée du Papier Peint collection in Rixheim, with many black and white and colour illustrations. It's fundamental to know the story of these sumptuous decorations that were great luck at the end of the 18th century in Europe, but also in the United States. France was the only producer of these "cards" that were widely exported. The illustrations are excellent inspiration for any period trompe l oeil painter.
Meubles et décors peints : Painted furniture and decor
The author has painted cupboards and numerous Venetian-inspired décor. Emphasis is given to decorations and ornaments. Each piece has a specific treatment. The book format to better show the details and facilitates the explanation of the technique "-The Technique .The preparation of wood and paint, range of colors, finishes, friezes -The .Armoires furniture, linen cupboard and corners..: 50 furniture with golden Gothic cabinet with a Bonnetière della Scalla Nearly 500 color illustrations many of which are full-page "Jean-Pierre Besenval was born in 1956 in Paris. He apprenticed from 1975 to 1978 with Georges Guillot, ...
Murs de papier : L'atelier du papier peint 1798-1805
This book invites you to discover the colorful history that is written on the walls of the bourgeois interiors at the end of the 18th century, at a time when the wallpaper is becoming a decorative object in fashion, thanks to the great variety of his motifs which constitute, even today, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
Ornamental Decoration by Thos Parsons & Sons, London
Well-illustrated catalogue which gives numerous examples of room painting and decoration, many coloured. Out of print hardback book
Revisiting the Painted House: More Than 100 New Designs for Mural and Trompe L'O...
Nearly twenty years after its first publication, Graham Rust's "The Painted House" has become an invaluable sourcebook of trompe l'oeil images for interior designers, artists, and students. Now Rust has created more than 100 new patterns for murals, panels, alcoves and doors, over doors, folding screens, and chimney boards. As with "The Painted House", Rust's intention is to provide designs for copying as much as inspiration, so each drawing is reproduced in as much detail as possible. Classical and modern images mingle in this collection, which includes landscapes, animals, fish and flowers, baskets, pots, drapery, tre...
Spectrum: Heritage Patterns and Colours (Victoria and Albert Museum)
This simply structured and highly original book analyses the palettes that have been used by designers in the creation of furnishing fabrics and wallpapers from the 15th century to the present. The colours used in each pattern are presented in a simple proportional grid, giving a clear understanding of hues that have been expertly combined at different periods to create the designs we continue to admire and emulate. Spectrum opens with a brief introduction by interior design expert Ros Byam Shaw, exploring the history of colour as used in interiors. The fabrics and wallpapers that follow are arranged chronologically...
Tania Vartan. A Memoir of The Decorative Arts 1970 to 2011
An illustrated story of Tania Vartan's incredible experiences and work. With years of experience, Tania shares in her book some of the most prestigious work she has carried out for clients, and the beautiful malachite inspired endpapers as well as some of her early fashion fabrics too.
The Anatomy of Colour: The Story of Heritage Paints and Pigments
The Anatomy of Colour is the definitive book on the use of colour and paint in interior decoration over a 300-year period. Drawing on his huge specialist archive, historian and paint expert Patrick Baty traces the evolution of pigments and paint colours together with colour systems and standards, and examines their impact on the colour palettes used in interiors from 1650 to 1960. He first charts the creation in paint of the common and expensive colours made from traditional earth pigments between 1650 to 1799. Next he examines the emergence of colour systems and standards and their influence on paint colours together w...
The Best of Painted Furniture by Florence de Dampierre
Painted furniture is one of the most desirabe fields of antique collecting. This work explores the history and current uses of one of the liveliest areas of the decorative arts. The Comtesse de Dampierre persues her subject through France, Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and the United States, including the American colonies where the Pennsylvania Dutch created some of the finest examples of the art. A glossary of terms and a chapter of tips on conservation and restoration makes this a useful handbook as well as an illustrated history of an enduring and ever-more-popular style.
The Handbook of Painted Decoration
In this authoritative and practical guide, two distinguished teachers and award-winning artist-painters share their knowledge and the secrets of their trade, providing clear step-by-step instruction on all the techniques and expert advice on tools and materials. From the simplest geometric borders to panoramic murals, they cover every conceivable subject, providing a vast repertoire of fine visual effects. Among them are: basic patinas and variations, marble, wood, bricks and stonework, mosaics, ivory, terracotta, mother-of-pearl, leather, parchment, decorative friezes and ornamental devices, drapery, trelliswork, and m...
The Monkeys of Christophe Huet: Singeries in French Decorative Arts
This is a delightfully illustrated exploration of the whimsical monkey motifs popular in eighteenth-century France. Although monkeys had been used to mimic man and his foibles in the margins of medieval illuminated manuscripts, a taste for depictions of elegant monkeys developed among the French aristocracy at the end of the seventeenth century. This delightful book traces the evolution of the monkey motif into a distinct genre known as singerie (from the French word 'single' meaning monkey) during the exuberant Rococo period. The designer and engraver Jean Berain (1640-1711) was the first to insert monkeys into scenes ...
The Painted Ceiling by Graham Rust
This wonderful collection of original designs covers both the creative and practical side of ceiling decoration. Subjects range from day and night skies, animals and birds, cloud formations, and flowers, to allegorical scenes in the grand manner, and trompe l'oeil architectural patterns. Along with fascinating architectural information, the author shows how to choose the right design for the area you wish to paint - ranging from a spacious entrance hall to a bay window area or bathroom ceiling. As well as sketches and motifs, the pictures show a range of beautiful ceilings painted by the author over the last 20 years...
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