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Textiles and Carpets

20th Century Pattern Design: Textile and Wallpaper Pioneers
Pattern design has flourished throughout the 20th century. From the flamboyance of Art Nouveau at the end of the 19th century, to the computer-generated digital images created at the turn of the millennium, each new generation has evolved their own distinctive approach to pattern design. Tracing the creative cross-fertilization between fashion and interiors, the book provides a chronological account of the proliferation of pattern design. Highlighting the decisive trends that emerged in each decade, the book draws attention to the achievements of progressive manufacturers and ground-breaking designers, charting the emer...
A History of English Wallpaper 1509-1914 by Sugden, A.V & J.L. Edmondson
Batsford, London 1925. xiii 281 I pp., with 70 coloured illustrations and 188 black and white illustrations. A comprehensive history of wallpaper manufacture in England, with emphasis on the role of the designers: W Morris, C Voysey, W Crane, B Talbert, W Godwin and C. Dresser, together with histories of all the important firms of wallpaper printers. Original cloth in dust wrapper. Out of print.
African Wax Print Textiles
This groundbreaking book reveals the complex origins of African wax print textiles. In beautifully illustrated chapters, Anne Grosfilley traces the process of printing and dying the fabric, involving wax or indigo, to its West Indian roots. She also explores the differences of mass-produced and artisanally sourced fabrics, tracking where textiles go from the manufacturing centers to markets and cities throughout Africa and the world. Grosfilley offers the fruits of her own passionate research as she profiles a variety of individuals from rural venders to trendsetting fashionistas. This eye-opening study celebrates the e...
Antique French Textiles for Designers
In the past ten years, antique textiles, especially those from France, have become very popular for interior decoration. In her easy-to-read style, the author gives a basic history of French textiles from the Middle Ages to Art Deco. 416 beautiful color photographs demonstrate traditional and contemporary uses for tapestries, cottons, linens, laces, embroidery, needlepoint, and trims. Suggestions are given for their use in contemporary interior and home decor. Answers to frequently asked questions are very helpful to the novice and connoisseur alike. The clearly stated text explains how to recognize these fabrics in the...
Art Deco Textiles by Charlotte Samuels
This book presents a pictorial record of the fabrics which clothed the smart women and furnished the stylish interiors of Europe and America during the age of the Ballets Russes and jazz. The Paris 1925 Exhibition brought the richly exotic designs of Paul Poiret and Raoul Dufy to worldwide attention and the fabrics pictured here trace the Art Deco style as it evolves from its initial vibrant blossoming to a starker, more geometric look. This was a time when abstract decoration came into its own by focusing attention on pattern and ornament, as artists and designers looked afresh at the conventions of pictorial represent...
Art Deco Textiles: The French Designers
"This is an invitation to discover the spectacular world of French Art Deco textiles. Hundreds of full-colour photographs bring to life the age when craftsmanship and industry worked side by side: Lyons silk and the first artificial fibers, carved wooden printing blocks and huge multiple-cylinder rotary presses, indigo and madder and aniline and alizarin dyes, tradition and progress". 255 pages. Hardback
Arts and Crafts Rugs for Craftsman: The Crab Tree Farm Collection
He designed simple, well-made household furnishings and -forward-looking interiors, which he promoted through his magazine, The Craftsman (1901-1916). The rugs used in his interiors are arguably the most under-studied of all the decorative arts of the Arts and Crafts movement. Arts and Crafts Rugs for Craftsman Interiors considers both the rugs that The Craftsman recommended and designs by artists who influenced the work and philosophy of Stickley. Among the rugs discussed are works by British Arts and Crafts luminaries William Morris and Gavin Morton, druggets imported from India, Navajo blankets and rugs, and rare Cre...
Barron & Larcher: Textile Designers
During the 1920s and 1930s, Phyllis Barron (1890-1964) and Dorothy Larcher (1882-1952) were at the forefront of a revival in hand block-printing in Britain. As designer-makers they formed a unique partnership, producing innovative textiles and seeing the entire process through from beginning to end. Using whatever materials they could muster - fabric ranging from balloon cotton to prison sheets and velvet, and everyday items such as combs and car mats for printing - and pushing the boundaries of what could be achieved with predominantly natural dyes, these two remarkable women ran a successful business that lasted from ...
Bitten By Witch Fever: Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Victorian Home
As to the arsenic scare a greater folly it is hardly possible to imagine: the doctors were bitten as people were bitten by the witch fever.’ ― William Morris on toxic wallpapers, 1885. Bitten by Witch Fever presents facsimile samples of 275 of the most sumptuous wallpaper designs ever created by designers and printers of the age, including Christopher Dresser and Morris & Co. For the first time in their history, every one of the samples shown has been laboratory tested and found to contain arsenic. Interleaved with the wallpaper sections, evocative commentary guides you through the incredible story of the manufactur...
Braquenie: French Textiles and Interiors
Braquenie is one of France''s best known fabric makers; they have produced fabrics used in major chateaux throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. This book traces the history of the company from the end of the 18th century to the present. French Text
British Textiles: 1700 to the Present
This superb book draws on highlights from the V&A's fabulous collections of woven, printed and embroidered textiles and their designs. Based on the "V&A's British Textiles" series, and with a new introduction by Linda Parry, this comprehensive compendium brings together a visual history of British fabrics with over 1000 images. They show the amazing creative abilities of professional and amateur designers over three centuries. International experts introduce each period and the textiles produced in it. They discuss technical and artistic innovations and provide an invaluable reading list, glossary of terms and biographi...
Chinese Wallpaper in Britain and Ireland
Chinese wallpaper has been an important element of western interior decoration for three hundred years. As trade between Europe and China flourished in the seventeenth century, Europeans developed a strong taste for Chinese art and design. The stunningly beautiful wall coverings now known as 'Chinese wallpaper' were developed by Chinese painting workshops in response to western demand. In spite of their spectacular beauty, Chinese wallpapers have not been studied in any depth until relatively recently. This book provides an overview of some of the most significant Chinese wallpapers surviving in the British Isles. Sumpt...
D. Porthault: The Art of Luxury Linens
Take a peek inside private upper class homes that reveal why D. Porthault has been the favored French luxury brand for linens and other fabrics for nearly one hundred years. Tour traditional and old-world styles as well as contemporary upmarket decor for younger families. Cheery bedrooms--many with canopy beds and playful wallpaper--flaunt sheets, coverlets, pillows, and shams in gorgeous printed florals. Sweetly decorated nurseries favor blue, pink, and yellow prints. Terry towels show off Porthault's signature scalloped and bound edges. Tables set with cloths, placemats, and napkins feature hand-embroidered, custom...
David Hicks Scrapbooks
Iconic deisigner David Hicks (1929–1998) wowed the English decorating world with his bold geometric prints, electrifying color combinations, and quirky mix of antique and contemporary furniture. Thanks to his prodigious talents, his gift for publicity, and his connection to the royal family through his wife, Lady Pamela Mountbatten (cousin of Prince Philip), Hicks attracted an A-list clientele. For decades, Hicks documented every salient moment of his life in scrapbooks, amassing 24 volumes filled with press clippings, invitations, swatches of his signature textiles, sketches of interiors, magazine articles on his pro...
Decorating with Carpets: A Fine Foundation
A Fine Foundation taps the extensive and remarkable archive of Stark Carpet, the premier purveyor of carpets to the trade, to demonstrate the essential role a carpet plays as the bedrock of any design scheme. Illustrated with photographs of rooms designed by America’s finest decorators, this handsomely designed volume explores the full range of carpet types and textures and shows the impact the choice of carpet has on the colour, texture and atmosphere of a space.
Designing Patterns: For Decoration, Fashion and Graphics
In this practical handbook, Scandinavian expert Lotta Kühlhorn explains the ins and outs of how to design patterns for everything from wallpaper to tea services. The included CD features templates for experimentation by beginners and professionals alike. From whom should we learn how to design timelessly elegant patterns if not from a Swede? Lotta Kühlhorn is one of Scandinavia s most prominent pattern designers and has created work for a wide range of products from book covers to coffee sets. In fact, without knowing it, most of us have probably already come across Kühlhorn s designs. Scandinavia is firmly establish...
English Medieval Embroidery: Opus Anglicanum
In medieval Europe, embroidered textiles were indispensable symbols of wealth and power. Owing to their quality, complexity, and magnificence, English embroideries enjoyed international demand and can be traced in Continental sources as opus anglicanum (English work). This sumptuously illustrated book draws on new research and detailed photography to offer an introduction to their design, production, and use. Essays by leading experts explore the embroideries' artistic and social context, while catalogue entries examine individual masterpieces. Medieval embroiderers lived in a tightly knit community in London, and many ...
Fashion and Versailles by laurence Benaim
From Jackie Kennedy to Rihanna, from the Bal des Débutantes to Dior’s publicity campaigns, from Karl Lagerfeld to Sofia Coppola to Deborah Tuberville, the legendary royal residence of Versailles has inspired countless revolutions in fashion. An unparalleled seat of power and seduction, Versailles established the world’s first dress codes, linked to the whims of the queens and royal mistresses. Madame de Montespan launched the “innocente” robe that camouflaged pregnancy, Marie-Antoinette was known for her extravagant wigs and giourmand pastel hues, and members of Louis XIV’s court were adorned in beribboned ac...
Fashion Plates: 150 Years of Style
A sumptuously illustrated, encyclopedic chronicle of fashion and its trends, from the 18th to the early 20th century Prior to the invention of photography, European and American magazines used colorful prints to depict the latest fashion trends. These illustrations, known as "fashion plates," conveyed the cutting-edge styles embraced by the fashion-conscious elite and proved inspirational to the upwardly mobile. This lavishly illustrated book provides a comprehensive survey of 200 color plates from publications dating from 1778 to the early 20th century, accompanied by authoritative and fascinating texts. Organized chro...
Flower Fashion Textures: Volume 1
The world of fashion has always drawn inspiration from nature, colours and decorations; large and small flowers with stripes and squares or Provençal and oriental designs. Roses and violets, poppies and daisies - all can be found here. Each one was designed from scratch and is unique. A DVD is included that contains all of the designs. This publication includes a free DVD for use with Windows and MAC, with all of the 300 designs that are featured in the book, free to use
Flowers Underfoot: Indian Carpets of the Mughal Era
Woollen carpets were known in India as early as 500BC. But it was not until the 16th century, during the reign of the Mughal emperor Akbar, that the first imperial workshops were founded, and began producing carpets whose jewel-like beauty is still breathtaking today. The Mughal emperors were grand patrons of the arts, demanding the highest standards, and their influence is shown in the works of superb quality produced during their reign. Thi scholarly treatment of the subject is published to coincide with a major exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New York. Pile-woven carpets of the Mughal era are some of the most ...
Foulards et carrés de soie
Essential accessory, the scarf is from the beginning of the 20th century an essential place in the wardrobe of the modern woman. After being in the middle of the last century, a style icon, he is back today - a renewed interest which is not unrelated to the craze for vintage fashion. This book presents more than 250 creations due to artists, textile designers and the great names of fashion such as Paul Poiret and Raoul Dufy, Jacqmar, Vera, Elsa Schiaparelli, Mary Quant, Gucci, Hermes and Georgina von Etzdorf. It provides an analysis of the role of this accessory in a context of social history, and particularly in th...
French Scenic Wallpaper 1795-1865
This authoritative work on the subject was first published in 1990 on the occasion of an exhibition at the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris, creating new interest from the general public and design professionals alike. Now, fully updated and available for the first time in English, this magnificent volume offers a comprehensive, richly illustrated account for all those interested in this unique art. The book is completed by an exhaustive, illustrated inventory of all scenic wallpapers identified to date. Hardback, out of print, with dustwrapper
From Fibre to Fabric: The Ultimate Guide to Soft Furnishings
It's lovely to be inspired by soft furnishing books but what has been disappearing from their pages is the technical knowledge needed to make the right choices. From Fibre to Fabric fills this gap, as a comprehensive sourcebook that also contains elegant and sumptuous images. Chapter 1 examines the variety of fibres available, their origins and unique characteristics. Section 2 shows how the fibres are then turned into fabrics, by spinning, weaving and printing. The third and final chapter shows how fabrics are used in the home, with valuable advice on what to choose for curtains, upholstery, cushions and trimmings.
Geometric Textures For Fashion Vol. 2
In the second volume the textures are vectorial but more complex, sometimes with symbols and many colours to create sophisticated atmospheres. All palettes in the DVD have been enclosed to be used for other projects. They can be used with many graphic softwares, such as ILLUSTRATOR or PHOTOSHOP. They are suitable both for WINDOWS and MAC. Hardback
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