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Vintage Textile Pattern Books

A History of English Wallpaper 1509-1914 by Sugden, A.V & J.L. Edmondson
Batsford, London 1925. xiii 281 I pp., with 70 coloured illustrations and 188 black and white illustrations. A comprehensive history of wallpaper manufacture in England, with emphasis on the role of the designers: W Morris, C Voysey, W Crane, B Talbert, W Godwin and C. Dresser, together with histories of all the important firms of wallpaper printers. Original cloth in dust wrapper. Out of print.
Bitten By Witch Fever: Wallpaper & Arsenic in the Victorian Home
As to the arsenic scare a greater folly it is hardly possible to imagine: the doctors were bitten as people were bitten by the witch fever.’ ― William Morris on toxic wallpapers, 1885. Bitten by Witch Fever presents facsimile samples of 275 of the most sumptuous wallpaper designs ever created by designers and printers of the age, including Christopher Dresser and Morris & Co. For the first time in their history, every one of the samples shown has been laboratory tested and found to contain arsenic. Interleaved with the wallpaper sections, evocative commentary guides you through the incredible story of the manufactur...
Traditional Islamic Craft in Moroccan Architecture (2 volumes) by Andre Paccard
These 2 volumes written by Andre Paccard are probably the most important recent works on Islamic Crafts. In the opening of the "Preface" to the book it states .... The aim of the work is to present hitherto unpublished photographic documents revealing certain unknown aspects of the traditional Moroccan Arts used in the architecture of that country and to transmit the knowledge of the most renowned master-craftsmen (maallens)of these traditional techniques. The reason for the rarity of these books is that they were only published once in 1980 as the said master-craftsmen were evidently not too happy that some of their ag...
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