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Emily Summers: Distinctly Modern Interiors
Weaving mid-century Continental furniture and modern art by the likes of Frank Stella and Jasper Johns into important American homes, Summers has created a vast collection of cohesive, covetable interiors notable for their streamlined beauty. From a contemporary city penthouse to a 1940s ranch, from Summers Round House, to her 60s Palm Springs getaway, the homes featured range in period and style, but all will serve as inspiration to readers looking to decorate in a Modernist tradition. Summers shares her building blocks of a great modernist house: how the interior should reflect its setting; how to combine fine art wit...
Dior by Roger Vivier
This beautifully crafted volume highlights the outstanding shoe designs that sprang from the iconic collaboration between two French fashion legends, Christian Dior and Roger Vivier. Spanning from the 1950s, when Monsieur Dior first met the renowned footwear designer, throughout the entire course of this prodigious partnership until the early 1960s, dazzling vintage shoe designs pop off the pages in all their glamorous glory and elaborate modernity. With over three hundred exclusive photographs of jewel-encrusted slippers, sculptural kitten heels, and other designs embellished with lace, feathers, and more, accompanied ...
Olivier Dupon : Floral Contemporary: The Renaissance of Flower Design
Flowers are associated with all the important events in our lives, whether celebratory or commemorative, but they can also cheer our everyday existence and enliven the spaces around us. This book shows just how. Through the work of thirty-eight floral designers, we see ideas for flowers for every occasion, whether public – decorations for weddings, arrangements for banquets, installations for shops and hotels, accessories for fashion shows, exhibits for art shows – or private, in the form of simple but special displays for the home. Organized in alphabetical order, each florist is introduced with a short biograph...
Cuff Links
A volume which tells the story of cuff links from their first appearance on the scene in the early-19th century until today. More than 200 examples are reproduced, including works by such jewellers and designers as Faberge, Cartier, Tiffany, Lalique and Fulco di Verdura.
The Necklace: From Antiquity to the Present
Concentrating mainly on the 19th and 20th centuries, this is a study of the necklace as an emblem of wealth and status, shaped and reshaped throughout the centuries by successive fashions, techniques and materials, from the Egyptian broad collar to the diamond chokers of the 1920s.
Jeweled Garden: A Colorful History of Gems, Jewels, and Nature
he natural world has been a muse for artists throughout the ages, and jewelry designers have always shared that inspiration, their fascination with flora and fauna coming through in their work. Now, Jeweled Garden traces the evolution of garden-inspired jewelry from the 19th century to the present day in beautiful photographs and an absorbing text.
Earrings: From Antiquity to the Present
A presentation of the history of earrings from prehistory to modern times. The first part of the book relates how the fashion of wearing precious earrings spread through the Mediterranean region from Ancient Egypt to Mycenae, to the Classical Greek, Roman and Hellenistic worlds, to Byzantium. From the 18th century, when the techniques of cutting coloured gemstones and diamonds were perfected, the design of earrings evolved towards its most stylish and glamorous. Extraordinary revivals of Classical and Roman motifs are shown here, the bold lines of art deco, and modern designs, created by the leading European and America...
Silver Yachts: Brands by Hands
In our in-depth insider's look at this deluxe artisanal brand, readers gain a keen understanding of the care, exacting precision and sophisticated knowledge behind every luxury vessel. Respected and admired worldwide for their meticulous design, construction, and finish, these craft feature only the highest quality materials, with excellence apparent in every single detail - whether it be its engineering, performance, or fine features.
Deyrolle : Un cabinet de curiosités parisien
With an abundance of preserved flora and fauna, taxidermy, and otherworldly creations, the Deyrolle boutique is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of nature. A family venture founded in the spirit of discovery, Deyrolle’s 185-year history is a Pandora’s box of scientific and aesthetic discoveries. Deyrolle flourished under the nineteenth-century passion for natural history, garnering celebrity devotees from Dali to Nabokov, and quickly established itself as a center for education and research. A vocal advocate of sustainability and responsible business practices in the fields of taxidermy and entomology, Deyrolle wo...
Jansen Furniture
Illustrated throughout, this text is a comprehensive review of Maison Jansen's most significant designs - exact reproductions of 18th and 19th century antiques, adaptations of historical forms for modern use, and the contempoary designs that span various fashion trends from the late 19th to 20th century. Hardback, out of print book in excellent condition with dustwrapper
Unlimited by Nada Salame
After publishing the hugely successful books Once Upon A Table, Eventful, Yes I Do, Forever Yours, Fantasy Celebrations, Parties Parties Parties and Dream Homes of Lebanon, the author, Nada Salame has produced this latest book, "Unlimited". This book features never-seen-before table settings created by the iconic party designer, who transforms table art as we know it. Each table setting comes to life on page after page stunning colour paragraphs and inspirational quotes from celebrities, writers, designers, and artists.
20th Century Factory Glass
he only comprehensive reference book regarding internationally produced glassware for the home, "20th Century Factory Glass" is required reading for glass collectors and enthusiasts alike. Featuring every great designer, from Louis Comfort Tiffany to Alvar Aalto, as well as companies from Baccarat to Steuben, this volume provides clues to identifying marks, codes, and labels. Out of print hardback book with excellent dust wrapper.
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