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Interior Design

Eric Kuster: Metropolitan Luxury II
Dutch designer Eric Kuster's designs are all about luxury. Despite the economic crisis, Kuster always creates a world of glamour, luxury and beauty. In Kuster's long-awaited second book, "Eric Kuster: Metropolitan Luxury II", the reader is shown some of the most spectacular projects of this famous designer. From the Netherlands to Dubai, London and Moscow, the interiors of the rich and famous are photographed beautifully by top Australian photographer Paul Barbera. Not only his country of origin, but also Asia, the Middle East and Russia have embraced Eric Kuster's designs. He now has become somewhat of a celebrity hims...
David Hicks on Decoration - with fabrics
Britwell Salome: Britwell Books Limited, 1971. Stated 1st American edition hardcover with dust jacket. The book is unpaginated. The fourth in a series of books on decorating by the famous English decorator David Hicks. He was known for his use of bold color, mixing antique and modern furnishings, and contemporary art for his famous clientele. He did projects for Vidal Sassoon, Helena Rubinstein, the Duchess of Rutland, Mrs. Condé Nast and Mrs. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. He made carpets for Windsor Castle and decorated the Prince of Wales's first apartment at Buckingham Palace. Hicks started to design patterned carpets and ...
David Hicks: Living with Design
One of the world's top interior designers discusses design principles and ideas, and covers most decorative aspects of rooms and interiors. David Hicks writes in this book not only about the ideas and principles which guide his work -- whether he is designing a drawing room, hanging paintings, arranging objects and flowers or concealing an awkward door -- but also more personally about the early influences which shaped his career and his method of working. He discusses good taste, what the interior designer can contribute to society and his own unique contributions in the field of carpets, the design of beds and the us...
Craftsmen and Interior Decoration in England, 1660-1820: Written by Geoffrey Bea...
Bartholomew, Edinburgh., 1981. First edition. Quarto. pp xxiv, 312. Profusely illustrated in colour and black and white. The book is divided into three parts: a survey of the craftsmen and their working practices; a study of their work in country houses and churches; a dictionary of craftsmen.Fine in colour pictorial laminated slipcase
An Illustrated History of Interior Decoration: From Pompeii to Art Nouveau
An indispensable reference source for anyone with an interest in period styles of furniture and decoration, this renowned book comprises a complete survey of domestic interiors portrayed in art from the ancient world to the late 19th century. Available again after some years out of print, it presents a wonderfully rich collection of pictures of a type seldom reproduced anywhere. Around 400 paintings and watercolours from all over Europe, Russia and America record with faithful accuracy rooms of all periods and their contents: the furniture, fabrics, carpets, pictures and wall-coverings. A classic text goes beyond schola...
Rooms: Design and Decoration by John Stefanidis
An in-depth analysis of seven of Stefanidis' commissions, followed by chapters discussing the designer's approach to specific rooms. Out of Print. Excellent condition throughout.
Interior Visions. Great American Designers and the Showcase House by Chris Casso...
Readers visit inside the showcase house, where designers produce rooms for themselves and where potential clients see first-hand the latest in interiors. Includes work of master designers Mark Hampton, Mario Buatta, Parish-Hadley, and Mary Dial. 250 full-colour photos. Out of print. Copy signed by the author.
Perspective for Interior Designers
The author provides the means by which students and interior degigners can learn to draw interior perspectives through the use of a basic formula. He offers an easily accessible and quickly learned method that will serve every interior designer's drawing needs. All that is required is familiarity with plan, section, and elevation drawings and the basic skills of using drafting tools. Beginning with a section on the fundamental technique of two-point perspective, which is presented through 14 sequential steps, Pile moves on to cover special situations (including one-point perspective, circular forms, reflective images, v...
Italian Splendor: Palaces, Castles and Villas
This well-illustrated journey through 50 magnificent villas and palaces built by the Italian aristocracy covers country retreats in Tuscany and the Veneto, impressive residences in Rome and Siena, and fortress like castles and grand villas in Trieste and Sicily. Collected here for the first time, these world famous private residences are unsurpassed in their diversity and artistic grandeur. Italian Splendor offers both professional and lay readers a glimpse behind the closed doors of these family homes, which contain some of the world's most impressive and sumptuous designs. Large hardback book.
Seventeenth Century Interior Decoration in England, France and Holland
This is the first book to survey and analyse the development of European interior decoration in France, England, and Holland following the stimulus of the Italian Renaissance while relating it to the changes in the political structure and social habits of the landed classes at the end of the sixteenth century Working from surviving examples of the furniture and decoration of the period, and making full use of engraved and painted records, inventories, and other documentary evidence, Peter Thornton investigates and explains the role and intentions of the architect, the upholsterer, and the furniture maker in the creat...
Lighting in the Domestic Interior by Jonathan Bourne and Vanessa Brett
Historical survey treating each period stylistically and providing a omprehensive visual record and guide. With bibliography, sales list, index. Out of print hardback book with dust wrapper. Excellent condition throughout.
Splendor of France: Chateaux, Mansions, and Country Houses
Covering more than forty properties scattered throughout France, a lavish volume captures their diverse architecture; rich interiors; priceless furniture, paintings, and sculpture collections; and fabulous gardens in all their glory.
Alberto Pinto (original)
Published to celebrate the first twenty years of Pinto's interior design work, this is a now scarce and much sought after book from 1992 illustrates the glamorous interiors created this master of design and decoartion who sadly died in 2012, so these books will only become more and more collectable as time goes on. The book is in very good condition and is lavishly illustrated throughout with colour photographs. 295 pages - text is in French.
Kitchens by Chris Casson Madden
Inspiring is the best way to describe the 38 great American kitchens visited through hundreds of close-up photographs in this beautiful collection. Informative text and captions give full details, from the basic elements of kitchen style to ideas for simple decorative touches. Full color and black-and-white photographs.
Legendary Decorators of the Twentieth Century
Mark Hampton - an undisputed leader in the world of interior design - looks at the work of 22 of the most important interior decorators of this century. From the early landmark designs of Elsie de Wolfe to the streamlined classicism of David Hicks, from the surrealist innovations of Jean-Michael Frank to the enchanting eccentricity of Rose Cumming, the imagination and insight of each of these design innovators in explored in witty, anecdotal text.
Horst: Interiors
The interior-design photographer Horst P. Horst is in the fifth decade of his career. Since the 1950s, after his apprenticeship to the pioneering modernist architect, Le Corbusier, Horst's photos have captured many of the classic interiors of the beau monde. Organized by decades, this book provides an overview of his accomplishments and a record of domestic taste over the last half-century. With text and interviews by Barbara Plumb, the book reflects the look of each different era, recording the flowering and the fading of trends. Among the rooms shown are those of Katharine Graham, Baroness Philippe de Rothschild, Glor...
Roomscapes: The Decorative Architecture of Renzo Mongiardino
On the international design scene, Milan-based architect Renzo Mongiardino is renowned as the consummate creator of spectacular, atmospheric spaces. His dramatic, theatrical approach to design has produced elegant period interiors that have influenced many other designers. Out of print hardback book in pristine condition. Excellent "as new" dustwrapper and contents.
The Swedish Room By Lars Sjoberg
Each picture in this book could stand alone as a work of art - a testament to Sweden's innate sense of style. Period by period, house by house, breathtaking images and elegantly authoritative text focus on those special features of the traditional Swedish room that have made it one of the major influences on decorating today. Every room is inviting, whether it is a royal guest room, an artistocratic boudoir, or a farmer's kitchen. Every detail is enchanting, from the simple checks and stripes of the fabrics to the way they adorn window frames and form bed canopies, from the elegant outlines of a Gustavian chair ...
House & Garden Book Of Bedrooms & Bathrooms
THE HOUSE AND GARDEN BOOK OF BEDROOMS reflects the increased interest we are all taking in the decorative aspects of our homes and the current preference for a simpler and less ornate style of interior decoration. Here is, quite simply, a truly beautiful book which shows how other people have set about surrounding themselves with visual pleasure. The illustrations, all in colour, have been selected from the very best which have been published in House and Garden magazine during the recent past and it s the fourth in a series of books on interior decoration. Like the three previous books - ROMANTIC ROOMS, CLASSIC ROOMS a...
Period-style Soft Furnishings
A guide to choosing and making traditional fabric treatments for the home. The book contains step-by-step instructions for making a range of items and is illustrated with photographs showing ideas from real homes. Also included is a directory listing suppliers of required materials.
John Stefanidis Living By Design
John Stefanidis is acknowledged to be 1 of the world's leading interior designers with clients who include Lord Jacob Rothschild, the Duke and Duchess of Westminster, and the Birtish Embassy in Washington D.C.. His hallmarks are practicality and comfort. Here he takes us through his exquisite country home created 24 years ago from assorted farm outbuildings where he has inprinted his own individual style which owes nothing to any conventional school and belies many preconceived notions. Room by Room, he reveals his secrets - the details that make perfection - whether it be the tone or touch of colour here, Cashmere shaw...
Upholsterers and Interior Furnishing in England 1530-1840
This richly illustrated history of the upholstery trade in Britain over three hundred years surveys the changing styles that affected this art form, the craftsmen who made the furniture and the kings and courtiers who purchased it. In all the great houses and palaces of Britain and at the important events that shaped British history - the weddings, funerals, coronations and visitations of the monarchy and aristocracy - upholstery played a leading role. Dr Beard, an eminent authority on the lives and working methods of craftsmen in the decorative arts, brings his wide knowledge of the historical background of furniture m...
Chinoiserie By Dawn Jacobson
Chinoiserie - the distinctive taste for decoration and architecture based on Chinese design - has its origins in the age-old fantasy of 'Cathay', the mysterious land of the East. This beautifully illustrated book shows the development of the style from its very beginnings, demonstrating its continuous influence in all of the decorative arts. With sumptuous photography showing all aspects of Chinoiserie, the book clarifies the ways in which the exotic East was incorporated into Western taste, in a way that still is relevant to all those involved in interior decoration today. Hardback book in mint condition
Les Vitrines Hermes
Guaranteed authentic HERMES extraordinarily beautiful hardcover book of shop windows of HERMES designed by the legendary Leila Menchari. A gorgeous coffee table book and this rare book is a collectors item. French text
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