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An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Luce: Decorating a Great French Country House
Award-winning Los Angeles interior designer Timothy Corrigan welcomes readers into his stunningly restored French chateau, rich with his signature mix of continental elegance and California comfort.
The Ultimate Guide for Contemporary Living
This brand new series showcases recent projects of famous interior architects and designers. Each project in this book is contemporary and cutting edge. Seriously over large thick book. Text in English, French and Dutch.
Baroque Architecture: 1600-1750
A comprehensive monograph on the most lavish, whimsical, and inventive era in the history of architecture, from the cathedrals of Rome to the palaces of Russia. This book, beautifully illustrated and written by two authorities on sixteenth- and seventeenthcentury art and architecture, leads the reader through the major styles and trends of Baroque architecture throughout Europe and beyond, and p r ovides a fascinating account of how the Baroque developed in relation to the unique urban culture of each nation where the style became popular. To admire the undulating façade of Romes San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane, to walk...
Oitoemponto : Architecture & intérieurs
This luxury book filled with inspiration is a pure thrill for the deepest admirers of contemporary lifestyle. The 320 pages of pure luxury and refinement of “OITOEMPONTO architecture & interieurs”, OITOEMPONTO’ examines eight essential raw materials: stone, metal, concrete, wood, paper, glass, lacquer and fiber, which are divided into chapters in the book and illustrated by more than 400 beautiful pictures. The pictures show you clearly the formal precision and love of their work. The use of objects from the second half of the 20th century in their work and the fabulous choice of colours, textures and rich deta...
Rural Modern: Rural Residential Architecture
The latest from leading architectural photographer and writer, Russell Abraham, 'Rural Modern' presents a tantalising selection of modern country houses in a variety of styles and forms. The 21st century has seen rural residential architecture take ideas from both the Modern Bauhaus design movement and the ever-popular Shingle Style. The result is a style that borrows from vernacular forms and materials, but uses them in new ways. Issues of sustainability and energy conservation are also key to contemporary country house design. Orienting windows to capture heat in winter, but protect the house from the sun in summer is...
Nancy Corzine: Glamour at Home
"Glamour at Home" is an inspirational design primer from Nancy Corzine, a celebrated and respected name in the fields of furnishings, textiles, and interior design. Corzine's interiors reflect an elegant and sophisticated approach to life that conjures up classic Hollywood style. Her assemblages of mirrored vanities, silk-covered chaise lounges, and gold-leaf black lacquer armoires decorated with chinoiserie in gorgeous light-filled rooms are dazzling. To demonstrate the foundations of her design aesthetic, Corzine presents homes in a variety of settings--urban, rural, and coastal--as case studies. The book is divided i...
David Hicks: My Kind of Garden
This is the 1999 First edition of what was to become a great book of its time, and is still being reprinted. A classic.
Longue Vue House and Gardens: The Architecture, Interiors, and Gardens of New Or...
The stunning interiors and glorious gardens of New Orleans's unrivaled jewel and architectural masterpiece. Longue Vue House and Gardens, accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and listed as a national historic landmark, was designed and built between 1934 and 1942 by landscape architect Ellen Biddle Shipman and architects Charles and William Platt for Edgar Bloom and Edith Rosenwald Stern, New Orleans's foremost mid-twentieth-century philanthropists and civil-rights activists. The mansion and its surrounding eight acres of garden spaces, with varied designs ranging from the formal to the wild, draw upon Souther...
The House of Thurn Und Taxis
For 200 years the Thurn und Taxis family have called the palace of St. Emmeram home. Regarded as one of Germany's finest examples of historicist architecture, the Regensburg residence's myriad rooms trace centuries of distinctive styles: a Romanesque-Gothic cloister built between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, a neo-Renaissance marble staircase, a number of Rococo and neo- Rococo staterooms, and a Baroque library frescoed in 1737. Celebrated photographer Todd Eberle captures the confluence of high art and grand architecture within the 500-room palace to reveal the curious tale of the Thurn und Taxis family. Compl...
Dealer's Choice: At Home with Purveyors of Antique and Vintage Furnishings
Dealers of antiques and vintage furnishings are the ultimate design trendsetters, setting the styles that are followed by decorators, manufacturers and, ultimately, consumers. With extensive knowledge of design history and an instinct for sniffing out undiscovered treasures and diamonds in the rough, the leading dealers hand-pick the furniture, artwork and objects that personalize the spaces we inhabit. In their own homes, these dealers have the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild and to display what is, for them, the cream of the crop. With exquisite samples of rare furniture; exhaustingly curated collection...
Country Style & Design
'Country Style & Design' beautifully showcases Justin Bishop's intricate knowledge of country style and design. Blending traditional country style with modern influences, this book is a collection of beautiful images, practical tips, useful styling notes and personal sentiment. Regardless of whether you live in a city apartment or suburban home, if you love all things vintage and rustic, then this exquisite book is sure to delight. The interior architecture and landscaping featured in 'Country Style and Design' encompasses a number of looks from the French country style of Provence to the more floral country designs of ...
Francois Halard: A Visual Education
Francois Halard's first assignment, to photograph Yves Saint Laurent's legendary Paris apartment when he was 23, cemented his reputation as one of the most original photographic eyes of our era. 30 years later Halard still captures our imagination with his breathtaking photographs of the glorious homes of the most important tastemakers, artists, and designers of the 20th century. Many of these images were first published in Vogue and House & Garden, but many others will be shown for the very first time."
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