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20th Century Design

Les décorateurs des années 60-70
The 60s and 70s are indissociable in the history of decoration and furniture. They mark a radical turning point in a world hitherto confined to national and elitist expressions. Everything breaks out in the early 1960s. Fashion is both Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Italian and French. The genres mix in a frantic desire to live in symbiosis with his time. The advances in technology accredit the conviction of a conquering liberty of the individual and give rise to new desires for a new Way of living, even in science fiction cells. The shapes are rounded, the seats become carpets-sculptures that allow to coil in warm, playfu...
Les Vitrines Hermes
Guaranteed authentic HERMES extraordinarily beautiful hardcover book of shop windows of HERMES designed by the legendary Leila Menchari. A gorgeous coffee table book and this rare book is a collectors item. French text
Making America Modern: Interior Design in the 1930s
A valuable resource for design professionals, historians, and enthusiasts, this book chronicles the evolution of modern interior design in the United States throughout the 1930s. With images and detailed descriptions, design historian Marilyn F. Friedman presents more than 100 interiors by 50 designers and architects, including Donald Deskey, Paul T. Frankl, Percival Goodman, Frederick Kiesler, William Lescaze, William Muschenheim, Tommi Parzinger, Gilbert Rohde, Eugene Schoen, and Kem Weber; set designers Cedric Gibbons and Joseph Urban; and industrial designers Raymond Loewy, Walter Dorwin Teague, and Russel Wright. T...
Marc Du Plantier
Creator of exceptional interiors in Europe and the world, from 1928 to the end of the 1960s, Marc du Plantier was one of the leading decorators of the 20th century The only monograph on Marc Du Plantier; the book covers the entire body of his workThe first monograph dedicated to Marc du Plantier (1901-1975), allows the reader to rediscover one of the major decorators of the 20th century. Marc du Plantier began his career in 1928. From his earliest projects he began to implement his architectural vocabulary, characterized by precision of line, working with color, indirect light and the interplay of mirrors. His art reach...
Max Ingrand
This monograph is a retrospective on Max Ingrand, major designer of light fixtures, furniture and stained glass, from the 1930s to the late '60sImplementing a remarkable technique, Max Ingrand (1908-1969) never stopped exploring the interplay of glass and light, which he discovered as a child in the stained glass windows of the cathedral of Chartres. Key figure of Art Deco with his decors engraved in the antique style, he returned to working with stained glass after the war, creating one of the century's most prolific bodies of expressionist work in this domain, before integrating light directly in the material of incan...
Maxime Old: Architecte-Decorateur
A hardback book with dust jacket in very good condition. Old had a long career starting in the 1930's when he worked with Ruhlmann and was designing until his death in 1991. His furniture is much sought after nowadays, he was always concerned about functionalism and comfort, he added luxury by using rare and expensive woods, he was known for his perfect proportions and clean and elegant lines. This is a scarce and sought after monograph, 320 pages, beautifully illustrated throughout with colour and Black & white photographs. French text.
Michel Dufet. Architecte Decorateur
This is a very good hardcover copy with almost no wear. Completely clean inside and out. Text in French only. The major monograph on Michel Dufet (1888- 1985). Dufet was one of the well known masters of art deco design. He worked on several of the famous French ocean liners of the period such as the Normandie and the Ile-de France. He designed luxury shop interiors, apartments, furniture, etc. Illustrated throughout in color and black & white. Many vintage photographs of Dufet's interiors and furniture. Color photographs of many pieces as well. out of print.
MODERNE: Fashioning the Modern French Interior
Jacques-mile Ruhlmann, Pierre Chareau, Robert Mallet-Stevens, Charlotte Perriand, Eileen Gray: together these designers and their contemporaries pioneered the look of the modern French interior during the 1920s. Their use of sumptuous materials, rich jewel tones, intricate geometric patterns, and complex and varied textures has made this work a lasting favorite among interior designers, architects, and their clients. When it first appeared, the "got moderne," or modern taste, was marketed through limited-edition portfolios containing unbound drawings, printed in full color using a traditional process called pochoir. Cre...
New Art Deco Style
When decoration becomes the main approach of interior design and we have a higher demand for the mental enjoyment of interior spaces, which goes beyond the pure functionality of space and comfort, is when New Art Deco comes to the fore. New Art Deco quickly then becomes the foremost avant-garde style of modern interior design. This book highlights the work of six interior designers who talk about their understanding of New Art Deco, and share with us their inspiring experiences and knowledge.
Oliver Messel: A Biography
First Edition. London, Thames and Hudson, 1986. 22.5cm x 28cm. 264 pages. With 145 Illustrations, 20 in colour. Original Hardcover with original dustjacket. Excellent condition with only minor signs of wear. From the collection of Margot Fonteyn - photographer and artist Keith Money. Oliver Hilary Sambourne Messel (13 January 1904 – 13 July 1978) was an English artist and one of the foremost stage designers of the 20th century. After completing his studies, he became a portrait painter and commissions for theatre work soon followed, beginning with his designing the masks for a London production of Serge Diaghilev's ba...
Olivier Dwek: Architectures
Of English origin, Olivier Dwek was born in 1970 in Brussels. Having been passionate about the visual arts from childhood, he began his studies at the Victor Horta Institute of Architecture at the ULB in 1990. Here he took particular interest in the workshops and often came into conflict with his professors. After an internship in the offices of Brussels architects Art & Build, who specialise in large-scale projects, he was given his first significant commissions in 1997. Dwek opened his own architectural firm in 2000. The Louis Vuitton store in Brussels was one of his first projects, which was followed by numerous ...
Paul Jouve : Peintre sculpteur animalier 1878-1973
This book is an incredible work of art in itself. for anyone interested in the art and sculpture of the animaliers this is a must . jouves unique style evokes an artistic beauty , elegance and power rarely seen . while translation from french is required the photos of paintings and sculpture fill this volume and are self explanator
Raphael Decorateur
A monograph on the French interior designer, furniture designer and decorator who worked from the late 1930's into the 1980's. 207 pages which are richly illustrated with both colour and black & white photographs of his creations. French text.
Regency Redux
Describing the various incarnations of the elegant regency and neoclassical styles throughout the 20th century, this book focuses on the various eras of revival from the work of Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann to England in the 1930s, and the lavish sets of films in the 1930s and 1940s.
Rene Herbst
Hardback book with dust jacket in very good condition. This is the 1990 first edition which is now out of print, so it is scarce. 363 pages profusely illustrated throughout in colour and black & white. This is a comprehensive work of the important pioneering designer and architect, who was one of the forefathers of the art deco movement. French Text.
Rene Prou
René Prou (1889-1947), an ensemblier and decorator, was - alongside Ruhlmann, Leleu, Dunand, Subes and Brandt - a central figure of the Art Deco movement. Trained at Gouffé, in Paris, in the 1910s, Prou took part in most of the Salons d'Automne and the Salons des artistes décorateurs before commanding attention at the Exposition international des arts décoratifs of 1925. Firmly established by major public and private commissions, his talent as an ensemblier was expressed as much in the decoration of ocean liners - Cuba (1923), Lafayette (1928), Paris (1929) - as in the fitting out of the sleeper cars of the Orient E...
The most comprehensive and authoritative monograph to be published about the prolific master of art deco interior design. Jacques-Emile Ruhlmann (1879-1933) was one of the most celebrated art deco interior and furniture designers. A tastemaker and a style setter, he worked and associated with the best artists in the worlds of fashion, architecture, and the decorative arts, and catered to an international clientele of diplomats, wealthy businessmen, and artistocrats. Known as -The Master of Art Deco, - Ruhlmann created opulent, exquisitely designed furniture, homes, and showrooms for the Parisian beau monde in the '20s a...
Ruhlmann: Master of Art Deco
This is a copy of a rare English language edition of this beautiful and now scarce book, with original dust jacket in good condition. 312 pages having 67 colour plates and 420 black & white illustrations. Ruhlmann was a renowned and highly sought after designer of both furniture and interiors who epitomised the glamoour of the French Art Deco Styleof the 1920's and 30's. He became well known for designing and making formal furniture using precious and exotic woods in combination with Ivory fittings, which gave them a very stylish and timeless appeal. A classic and much sought after book.
Serge Roche by Patrick Mauries
Profusely illustrated throughout in colour and b&w. 1.4kg. French. Fine; as new. The catalogue to an exhibition held at the Galerie Chastel Maréchal, Paris in 2006, this beautifully illustrated volume is the first to trace the entire career of Serge Roche (1898-1988) and present the most important elements of his work. 'Around 1930, somewhat against the trend of his era, Serge Roche embraced the baroque cause. He designed and produced items or furniture, objects and decors that would hold their own for more than thirty years with a select clientele, from Chanel to Ali Khan. Created from stucco and mirrors, his consoles...
Syrie Maugham: Staging the Glamorous Interior
Acanthus Press celebrates the publication in April 2010 of "Syrie Maugham: Staging the Glamorous Interior" by author, lecturer, and authority in the preservation and restoration of late 19th and early 20th century American interiors, Pauline C. Metcalf. Maugham - trendsetter, fashion maven, and wife of internationally-renowned novelist, Somerset Maugham - created a world of ultra-chic style and elegance that was uniquely Syrie. With verve and flair, Metcalf takes the reader on a transatlantic voyage, from the drawing rooms of Mayfair to the interiors of New York, Chicago, and Hollywood as Syrie refines her famous 'all-w...
The Century of Modern Design: Selections from the Liliane and David M. Stewart C...
One of the worlds most important collections of twentiethcentury designThe Stewart Collection in Montrealcelebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2010. The Stewart Collection incorporates iconic furniture, ceramics, textiles, posters, graphic art, jewelry, and everyday objects from the 1930s to today. This book presents items chronologically, highlighting contrasts and parallels between works including posters by Max Bill, an armchair by Frank Lloyd Wright, and a drawing for the Bakelite Corporation by Rolf Scarlett. Striking contrasts abound in the juxtaposition of such diverse works as silverware by Puiforcat, glasswar...
The Decorators of the 1960s and 1970s
The 1960s and 1970s marked a sharp turning point in the history of decoration and furniture. Until that point, the world was confined to national and elitist forms of expression. At the beginning of the 1960s, the sector took its inspiration from Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Italian and French decoration. Genres were combined in a frenzied desire to live in symbiosis with one's time. The progress of technology strengthened the conviction that the individual had unlimited freedom and aroused the desire to inhabit in a new manner. Forms became rounder, furniture was in sync with a warm, playful, and anticonformist universe....
The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s
An exhilarating look at Art Deco design in 1920s America, using jazz as its unifying metaphor Capturing the dynamic pulse of the era's jazz music, this lavishly illustrated publication explores American taste and style during the golden age of the 1920s. Following the destructive years of the First World War, this flourishing decade marked a rebirth of aesthetic innovation that was cultivated to a great extent by American talent and patronage. Due to an influx of European emigres to the United States, as well as American enthusiasm for traveling to Europe's cultural capitals, a reciprocal wave of experimental attitudes ...
Twentieth Century Castles in Britain
The unforgettable silhouette of Eilean Donan Castle at the confluence of three sea lochs in the Highlands, seen against the majestic backdrop of the mountains of Kintail, is an iconic image of Scotland and of Scottish history that adorns calendars, shortbread tins and whisky bottles worldwide. Not many people realise that the castle was only built in 1932. Along with Lutyens’s slightly better known Lindisfarne of 1906, and Castle Drogo of 1930, it represents the astonishing survival of a nostalgia for the middle ages well into our own lifetimes. This book is the first to investigate and illustrate the phenomenon. ...
Twentieth century decoration: The Domestic Interor from 1900 to the Present Day ...
An encyclopedic reference work documenting the major American and European design styles of this century, from art nouveau to neo-baroque, this much-needed volume beckons intelligently to both lay and scholarly readers as Calloway, a curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, argues cogently for a tradition of 20th century decoration, independent from modernism. Richly illustrated chapters rightly juxtapose modern interpretations of styles with period revivals, and rooms embodying "truly eclectic taste"such as the home of Osbert and Sacheverell Sitwellare singled out for praise. Though books on interior decoration often s...
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