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The book contains page after page of Balenciaga's most fabulous creations. The photos are wonderful and pictorially tell a story of how Balenciaga evolved both as a designer and as a businessman, - and the book isn't shy about his faults and shortcomings, either, which is refreshing. Text in French. Out of print hardback book with dustwrapper and slipcase
English translation of 1990 French original. A significant work, not only for the sumptuous illustrations (350 in all including archival black and white photos as well as 100 color photos), but also for the insight Jacqueline Demonex, Vionnet's godchild and confidante, provides on the creative life of this intensely private artist. Translated from the French by Augusta Audubert. 9-3/4 x 13". 305 pages Size: Large
Art Deco Textyiles by Charlotte Samuels
This book presents a pictorial record of the fabrics which clothed the smart women and furnished the stylish interiors of Europe and America during the age of the Ballets Russes and jazz. The Paris 1925 Exhibition brought the richly exotic designs of Paul Poiret and Raoul Dufy to worldwide attention and the fabrics pictured here trace the Art Deco style as it evolves from its initial vibrant blossoming to a starker, more geometric look. This was a time when abstract decoration came into its own by focusing attention on pattern and ornament, as artists and designers looked afresh at the conventions of pictorial represent...
Art Deco Textiles: The French Designers
"This is an invitation to discover the spectacular world of French Art Deco textiles. Hundreds of full-colour photographs bring to life the age when craftsmanship and industry worked side by side: Lyons silk and the first artificial fibers, carved wooden printing blocks and huge multiple-cylinder rotary presses, indigo and madder and aniline and alizarin dyes, tradition and progress". 255 pages. Hardback
Kerry Joyce: The Intangible
- Whitney Robinson, the current editor in chief of Elle Décor wrote the Foreword Emmy Award-winning designer Kerry Joyce is known for the refined elegance and quiet classicism that unite his varied houses and interiors, as well as his collections of textiles, furniture, and rugs. His debut book spans a fascinating career, celebrating a unique, warm design sense that seeks always to turn houses into homes - to achieve the Intangible through the creation of tranquility and balance. The book covers eight homes in a surprising range of styles, from modern to traditional, urban to rustic, period restorations to entirely new...
Domestic Interiors: The British Tradition 1500-1850
Although the interiors found in aristocratic houses have received much attention over the years, little has been written about how the interiors of middle-class homes have evolved. This attractive and deeply informed book traces the development-in word and picture-of vernacular British interiors. The book is a greatly expanded and revised version of Ayres's earlier work The Book of the Home in Britain and deals with a wide range of subjects, including heating and lighting, details of doors, doorways and staircases, and the use of color. Embellished with illustrations from early sources and the author's own line drawings...
Steven Gambrel: Perspective
Top interior designer Steven Gambrel's luxe aspirational cloth-bound tome showcases his latest home interiors. Using a classical approach injected with contemporary touches and vibrant color, he creates spaces for today rooted in the past. A connoisseur of historical styles, Gambrel's designs feature compelling reinterpretations of the past coupled with a sense of place. Rooms range in style from elegant country to high-gloss urban. A confident colorist, his daring palette includes bright pinks, emerald-greens, deep grays, and cerulean blues. His tactile surfaces--from shiny lacquer to rugged matte--provide an excit...
Disrupting Craft: Renwick Invitational 2018
Disrupting Craft presents the work of Tanya Aguiniga, Sharif Bey, Dustin Farnsworth, and Stephanie Styjuco, four artists who take innovative approaches to their selected mediums. They share a fascination with themes of identity, and the practise of their art as a means of engaging socially with communities in collective activity. The featured artists work in a remarkable variety of media including earthenware pottery, textiles and weaving, sculptural materials and woven plastic fabrics, and wood, metal and mixed media. Their visual sensibilities range from traditional African beaded culture, to digital media, the produc...
Isamu Noguchi, Archaic/Modern
Isamu Noguchi, Archaic/Modern brings together more than eighty works, from six decades, which reveal how the ancient world shaped this inspirational artist s vision for the future. Monolithic basalt sculptures and floating Akari ceiling lights are juxaposed with works that use stone, water, and light to call to mind elemental structures in civilization across time. Noguchi saw himself as equal parts artist and engineer and this volume devotes special attention to his patented designs, such as Radio Nursethe first baby monitor, and also includes his designs for stage sets, playgrounds, and utilitarian articles, many of w...
Faberge Rediscovered
The firm of Faberge, jeweller to the Russian court, was founded in St. Petersburg in 1842. Expanded by the founder's son, Peter Carl Faberge (1846-1920), the firm became one of the most famous jewellers of the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Major American collectors, such as Marjorie Merriweather Post, played a significant role in Faberge's fame after the fall of the imperial regime, and her mansion at Hillwood in Washington, DC now has a collection that includes two imperial Easter eggs, silver, jewellery, hardstone, and religious items. With new photography, exquisite works of art and illuminating focus spreads by...
A House is not a Home by Bruce Weber
This is an insight into the idiosyncratic flourishes which make a house into a home. Photographer Bruce Weber takes the reader around the world, looking at how creative individuals' homes reflect their own particular personalities. Here are interiors and exteriors, panoramas and details: Siegfried and Roy's tiger-striped (and tiger-filled) Las Vegas suite; Georgia O'Keefe's ghost ranch in New Mexico; Chris Isaak's childhood home in suburban California; the Duchess of Devonshire's stately home in England; Andrew Wyeth's Maine lighthouse retreat; and Weber's own Montana ranch, among others.
Museum of Stones: Ancient and Contemporary Art at the Noguchi Museum
Museum of Stones looks at the various ways artists from across the world, and from different civilizations and cultures, have used rock and stone in their work. This engrossing new volume is also an important contribution to the study of influential Japanese American artist Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988), whose revolutionary ideas and use of stone still resonate today. Much of his work aimed to restore to stone some of the liveliness, transience and impressionability it exhibits in nature. Noguchi believed that rock and stone have a lifecycle that they should be allowed to experience in full, but he also recognized that they...
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